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Our third Miracle Missions Sunday is going to take place on Sunday, April 7.

Read below to find out all you need to know!


What is Miracle
Missions Sunday?

Put simply, it is a way for our church to raise money outside our normal giving, and help missionaries through supporting projects. It is something that everyone can be a part of. It is an opportunity for all of us to help missionaries do what God has called them to do where He told them to go. Our ministers and missionaries are doing thousands of different projects to help and minister to people around the world, and we will get the privilege to help them.


On Sunday, April 7, Manhattan First will gather an offering that will go to Dareth Ly, a missionary to Cambodia. You already give over and above your tithe, but this is different. We are not asking you to dig deeper we are asking you to dig differently. For the entire month of March, would you consider doing something outside the church, outside your normal routine, and outside of work? It is different because we are not asking how much you're giving, or who is giving. We are asking what are you doing to give?


How to get

Everyone can be involved. Take a look at our idea list of creative ways to give by clicking HERE. Pick an idea, or brainstorm a new one entirely! Once you have decided on what you will be doing to raise money for Miracle Missions Sunday, write it down on a sticky note and stick it on our banner in the foyer! Then all you have to do is come ready to be a part of Miracle Missions Sunday on April 7! Come prepared to place your Miracle Missions offering before God by online giving, venmo, or by dropping it in the offering bucket, and let's see what He can do.  

Floating Village 2_edited.jpg

The Project We're Supporting

This year we will be supporting Dareth Ly. You may remember Dareth from speaking at Manhattan First this past September. Dareth and Thida Ly are appointed Assemblies of God missionaries, serving in Cambodia. They are the survivors of a genocide that is known as the “Killing Fields.”  Under the reign of the Khmer Rouge, over two million Cambodians died from torture, starvation and forced labor.  Through God’s love and mercy they are now sharing His love to the broken and spiritually lost people of this nation. We urge you to read Dareth’s full story at 


The projects they are needing help with are:


1. They need 300 portable water filters, which are $35 each. The people who Dareth ministers to live on a floating village on a large river. The river is polluted and they don’t have access to clean water. When they drink the water from the river, it makes them very sick. One water filter could provide a family with clean water for an entire year. The people who live on the floating village desperately need clean water.

2. They need new desks and tables for the Promise Kids School and New Dream Center. The Dream Center is a place they built for the children from the floating village to go to to be able to continue their education. The desks they have now are falling apart. 

We are excited to see what God does through this year’s Miracle Missions Sunday! 

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