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Have your actions brought dishonor to you or your family? You can take the road from shame to new beginnings.

As you travel life’s journey, you can take the road from shame to a new beginning.

Sadly, many people live with a sense of shame and guilt. They have great fear that they will humiliate their family and friends by not achieving their goals or by not being the best at what they attempt. The anticipation of shame will cause you to be paralyzed by fear. Shame can make you unwilling to try something new or to take risks because you cannot deal with the results of not reaching your desired outcome. Like the politician, you may feel that the only way to end your shame is to end your life. But, that is not true! There is a road that will take you from the bonds of shame to overcoming shame with freedom and a new beginning! That road leads you to Jesus Christ.

Think about what Jesus did for you. God the Father has standards that He wants us to follow. But, each of us has disobeyed Him and fallen short of those standards. In doing so, we have shamed ourselves, our families, and God. The penalty for shaming God is death. But, God loves you so much that He gave His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty of our shame instead of us.

Jesus is the Son of God and yet he humbled himself and came to earth as a man. He was tempted is all ways that we are tempted and yet He never sinned. Because He loves us so much, He gave His life willingly to pay the penalty for our sins and shame. Our shame that He carried was so great that God turned his face from him as Jesus was dying on the cross. Jesus then cried out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

The Good News is that God accepted His sacrifice on our behalf. Jesus died and rose again three days later to give you a new beginning!

Now, here is what you are to do. You must confess your sins and dedicate your life to Jesus Christ. If you do this, He will forgive your sins. He will take away your shame and He will make you a new creation. He will give you a new beginning!

As you live for Jesus you can still fulfill your family obligations as a son or daughter. But, your Master is Jesus Christ. He will walk with you. He will guide you so that you can thrive in this life. He will give you life in heaven with Him for eternity. Jesus loves you!

Let’s talk with Jesus right now and ask Him to take away your shame and give you a new beginning ….

“Dear Jesus, I can no longer carry the burden of shame. Please forgive me for what I have done. I surrender my heart to you and ask that you take control of my life now. Thank you for taking away my shame and giving me a new beginning.”

OK, here is what you do now. Click one of the buttons below and we will get someone in contact with you. Maybe you are interested but you are not just ready to take this step towards Jesus. He will be there when you are ready.


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